BLING Casino “Comps” and Rewards: The Do’s and Don’ts

Almost every casino offers some type of incentive for gamblers who gamble at their casino. Casinos know that by issuing complimentary benefits (“comps”) player loyalty is created and in the long run increases their financial bottom line. Knowledgeable gamblers know how to receive the maximum value out of their comps. Instead of allowing the incentives to negatively affect their gambling habits, they use the rewards strictly for their own benefit.

DO: Always Sign-up and Use Your Card

One of the biggest mistakes new players make is not signing up for a player’s card. Some feel their level of play is insufficient to receive any comps. This is a mistake. Many casinos will issue bonuses simply for signing up. Others will issue discounted food and room rates to even the lowest level players. Always sign-up as soon as you arrive at the casino and use your card for any game you play.

DON’T: “Chase Comps”

Casinos know that giving loyalty perks creates more long term revenue. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t do it. There are two main reasons for this. First, it encourages players to return to their casino so they can utilize the rewards that they have acquired. It also manipulates some players to “chase comps.” These players become so consumed with increasing their reward status that they gamble more than they intended. This allows casinos to take advantage of the built-in house edge. Never increase your level of gambling simply to increase your level of comps. Do not change your gambling habits to seek more rewards. Ultimately, this will have a negative effect on your bankroll.

DO: Enter Giveaways, Free Tournaments, and Other Promotions

Once you obtain a player’s card and gamble at that casino, you will begin receiving offers in the mail for free promotions. It might be an invitation for a car giveaway or to play in a free slot tournament. Once again, casinos know that these promotions will create more revenue than they will be giving away. They realize that most players in a free slot tournament will not come just for the tournament and leave. Most will stay for a few days and gamble freely while the tournament is not taking place. This increased level of play will more than offset their cost for the tournament. It’s OK to plan a casino visit around a free promotion, but do it on your terms. If the casino is close by and you do not have the finances to gamble, attend the promotion without gambling. This requires a bit of discipline, but use these opportunities for your benefit, not the casinos.

DON’T: Feel Indebted or Obligated

Gamblers must realize that they’ve earned these rewards and are in no way indebted to the casinos. This sense of obligation often makes gamblers become loyal to one casino even though there may be better opportunities elsewhere. Casinos also use the fear of losing rewards as a way to get gamblers to visit their casino more often than they intend.

The bottom line is casinos would not offer comps and rewards if it did not increase revenue. Your job as an educated gambler is to comparison shop and only utilize comps when they are to your advantage. Familiarize yourself with every aspect of the rewards program, and sign-up for as many different player’s cards as possible. The level of competition among casinos is so high that they are constantly offering new promotions and opportunities that you can use to your advantage.