How to Learn Casino Games Online

In the world of online casinos, gambling can be a fun and lucrative pastime. If you have any hope of winning more than you lose, however, you need to learn how to play the various casino games that are available online. You should also know which games offer better odds and a greater chance of payout. Once you understand how to learn casino games and which ones are likely to offer you the best chance of winning, you can visit the online casino of your choice for some gambling fun.

Have You Looked for a Casino That Offers Free Play?

One of the best ways to learn casino games is to practice. Of course, practicing with real money can be a risky endeavor. Ideally you should practice at an online casino that offers free play. Free play games allow you to try the games at the casino without risking any actual cash. While you won’t win real money when playing the free games, you can hone your skills and get a better grasp of the games before you play for actual cash. When deciding which online casino to use, look for ones that offer free versions of their cash games so you can practice before you put your money on the line.

Have You Looked for a Casino That Offers Online Tutorials?

Another great way to learn casino games is to take advantage of free online tutorials. To draw in casino patrons, many casinos offer free tutorials to visitors. These tutorials are likely to be tailored to the games at the specific casino that is offering the tutorial. Thus, the basics that you learn from the casino’s tutorial can often be used across the board and can be put to use at other online casinos as well. While simple games like slots usually won’t require a tutorial, you may want to take advantage of the tutorials offered for table games like blackjack and poker.

Have You Considered Joining Betting or Gambling Forums?

Internet forums can be a great resource for learning casino games. Forums that are dedicated to gambling and betting are usually filled with members who have a great deal of experience. If you find the right forum, the members of the forum will likely be more than willing to answer any questions you may have about playing casino games online. Just make sure you understand the basics of the game and politely ask any questions that you may have. If the forum members feel as though you haven’t done any research on your own or you aren’t polite when asking questions, they may not be so apt to help you when you need it.

Have You Looked Into Purchasing Game Guides?

If there is a particular game you are interested in, you may want to consider purchasing or downloading a game guide. From blackjack to poker and everything in between, there are game guides to help you learn almost every casino game out there. Not only will these guides teach you the fundamentals of the game you are interested in, they will also often go into betting strategies that can help you make the most of your winnings. You can find a number of game guides online. You may also be able to find them at your local library or at your local bookstore. Just make sure you don’t pay a lot of money for guides that promise to teach you how to beat the casinos. These guides can’t deliver on what they promise and are usually a waste of money.

Do You Have Friends Who Gamble Online?

Sometimes the best way to learn casino games is to learn from friends who already know how to play. If you have friends who enjoy spending time gambling online, they may be happy to teach you the ins and outs of the games they play. Not only is advice from friends free, it is also unbiased. Your friends will have no interest in getting you to gamble your money at a certain casino. This means they may also be willing to share their experiences with you, such as which casinos tend to have better odds, better bonuses, and better payouts.

Once you decide that you want to learn how to play casino games online, getting the information you need to get started isn’t very hard. The casinos themselves often have resources to help you learn the games you are interested in. Online forums and friends can also be great resources. Make sure you get your tips from a variety of resources rather than from just one website to ensure that you have a well-rounded learning experience.

Using Your Credit Card at an Online Casino

Technology has made it possible to do virtually anything online, including casino gambling. Before you sign up and try to win big from the comfort of your own home, it helps to understand what can happen when you give an online casino your credit card information, try other payment methods. While it could be safe, it can also be a hassle that can cost you a small fortune. Knowing the dangers may make you change your mind about the idea.

It May Be a Long Tedious Process

Online casinos are an easy target for scammers. Any legitimate online casino puts measures in place that will make it very difficult to use your credit card for the first time. This can include phone calls to verify information, and possibly even faxing or emailing copies of identification and other information to prove that you are who you say you are. In some cases, you may not be able to actually get any money off your card for several days, and if they need follow up information, it could be longer.

You Can’t Use Debit Cards

In most cases, you can use your debit card anywhere you can use your credit card. An online casino is different. Most local banks don’t want anything to do with online casinos since the fraud rate is so high, so they simply don’t allow it. Not only that, it’s also not nearly as safe to use a debit card, where you can be liable for all fraudulent charges. Credit cards offer much better fraud protection, and you’re not out money while an investigation is pending.

You’ll Likely Pay a High Fee

Whenever you use your credit card at a regular casino to get a cash advance, you are charged a cash advance fee, and an online casino isn’t much different. Not only will you be charged a cash advance fee, but the charge will also go on your credit card bill as a cash advance. You’ll pay higher interest rates, and any payments you make will be applied to charges before cash advances, meaning you’ll pay those rates longer. Online casinos don’t always warn you of this, so do your research before you go through with a transaction.

Cashing Out May Be Difficult to Impossible

In many cases, if you win, you can’t put that money back on the same credit card you took it off of. This means you’ll need another method to cash out. If you think you can simply add your checking account, think again. Many banks want nothing to do with online casinos and this includes linking your account to accept deposits. Before you do anything, look at the casinos website and verify how you are supposed to get your money if you win. You may have to set up an additional account with a third party company, which is a risk you may not want to take.

You May Go Through a Lot of Hassle For Nothing

You may go through a lot of hassle and not be able to use your card. Many credit card companies, like banks, don’t want to deal with the high fraud rate that comes with online gambling, so they don’t allow it. Problem is, they don’t tell you this until after you’ve gone through the headache of setting up an account, verifying your identity, and anything else that goes with using your card. Do yourself a favor and call your credit card company before you begin to make sure that they’ll allow these types of transactions.

Gambling in a traditional casino can cause problems, but it’s nothing like using your credit card to gamble online. While a traditional casino has federal and state laws put into place to protect you in the event of fraud, you don’t get that same protection online. Many banks and credit card companies simply don’t want to deal with the hassle online gambling brings, and because of this, it can make cashing out if you do win next to impossible. Always use extreme caution if you’re going to gamble this way.

BLING Casino “Comps” and Rewards: The Do’s and Don’ts

Almost every casino offers some type of incentive for gamblers who gamble at their casino. Casinos know that by issuing complimentary benefits (“comps”) player loyalty is created and in the long run increases their financial bottom line. Knowledgeable gamblers know how to receive the maximum value out of their comps. Instead of allowing the incentives to negatively affect their gambling habits, they use the rewards strictly for their own benefit.

DO: Always Sign-up and Use Your Card

One of the biggest mistakes new players make is not signing up for a player’s card. Some feel their level of play is insufficient to receive any comps. This is a mistake. Many casinos will issue bonuses simply for signing up. Others will issue discounted food and room rates to even the lowest level players. Always sign-up as soon as you arrive at the casino and use your card for any game you play.

DON’T: “Chase Comps”

Casinos know that giving loyalty perks creates more long term revenue. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t do it. There are two main reasons for this. First, it encourages players to return to their casino so they can utilize the rewards that they have acquired. It also manipulates some players to “chase comps.” These players become so consumed with increasing their reward status that they gamble more than they intended. This allows casinos to take advantage of the built-in house edge. Never increase your level of gambling simply to increase your level of comps. Do not change your gambling habits to seek more rewards. Ultimately, this will have a negative effect on your bankroll.

DO: Enter Giveaways, Free Tournaments, and Other Promotions

Once you obtain a player’s card and gamble at that casino, you will begin receiving offers in the mail for free promotions. It might be an invitation for a car giveaway or to play in a free slot tournament. Once again, casinos know that these promotions will create more revenue than they will be giving away. They realize that most players in a free slot tournament will not come just for the tournament and leave. Most will stay for a few days and gamble freely while the tournament is not taking place. This increased level of play will more than offset their cost for the tournament. It’s OK to plan a casino visit around a free promotion, but do it on your terms. If the casino is close by and you do not have the finances to gamble, attend the promotion without gambling. This requires a bit of discipline, but use these opportunities for your benefit, not the casinos.

DON’T: Feel Indebted or Obligated

Gamblers must realize that they’ve earned these rewards and are in no way indebted to the casinos. This sense of obligation often makes gamblers become loyal to one casino even though there may be better opportunities elsewhere. Casinos also use the fear of losing rewards as a way to get gamblers to visit their casino more often than they intend.

The bottom line is casinos would not offer comps and rewards if it did not increase revenue. Your job as an educated gambler is to comparison shop and only utilize comps when they are to your advantage. Familiarize yourself with every aspect of the rewards program, and sign-up for as many different player’s cards as possible. The level of competition among casinos is so high that they are constantly offering new promotions and opportunities that you can use to your advantage.