casino tactics

Tactics Casinos Use to Take More of Your Money

casino tactics

Most businesses use different tactics to try and maximize their profits. The casino industry is no different. Casinos are notorious for implementing different strategies to manipulate gamblers into gambling more than they intended. They know that the more their customers gamble, the more likely the casinos will make money. This is due to the built-in house advantages on casino games. Gamblers need to understand these tactics so they will be less likely to lose control.

“Good Luck”

The next time you visit a casino, count the number of times casino employees say, “Good Luck,” to you. This may seem like a kind gesture, but there are hidden motives behind these remarks. The primary intention is to create a show of support. The casinos want you to believe they are on your side, that they want you to win. While it is true that they do want you to win occasionally because they know if you never win you will eventually stop returning, they do not want you to win consistently. If gamblers won consistently, there would be no casinos.The other reason behind the words, “Good Luck,” is a bit more subtle. It’s a common misconception that successful gambling is a result of luck. While it is true that short-term gambling success can be a result of luck, long-term winnings are a result of mathematics and skill. Casinos would much rather a patron rely on intuition when playing a game like blackjack, rather than statistically sound decision making. They know that knowledgeable gamblers that use mathematically sound principles can reduce the house edge significantly. Don’t rely solely on luck to dictate your gambling results. Learn the proper methods for the games that you are going to play, and use skill to lower the casino’s advantage.

Casino Layout

Have you ever been sitting at a machine or table game and get up to leave but before you reach the door you’ve sat down at another game? This happens all the time in land-based casinos. Gamblers get up to leave, but end up playing a different game before they can remove themselves from the casino environment. The casino industry is fully aware of this habit. That is why casinos are designed like mazes. There is no easy escape. You find yourself lost and searching for an exit. Meanwhile, a new game catches your eye and you decide to play. When you have reached your gambling limit, leave immediately no matter how long it takes to find the way out.

Lights, Bells, and Whistles

This tactic is common knowledge, but most people don’t realize how powerful it can be. Entering a casino for the first time can put you on sensory overload. The bright, flashing lights and the celebratory sounds bring an instant feeling of excitement. It makes you want to join the fun and be a part of the celebration. Enjoy the atmosphere but don’t let it overwhelm you.

This is only a partial list of tactics casinos use to influence behavior, but it should make you more aware of the environment you are in when you go to casinos. Use this awareness to maintain control of your gambling behavior.