Lucky Ladies Gambling

GAMBLING The Lucky Ladies in Gambling

The culture of gambling is one in its own. There are many different games to play, rules to follow, and bets to be placed. Some games even offer side bets or special bets that unknowledgeable players would be otherwise unaware of. One of these bets is the lucky ladies.

What Are Lucky Ladies?

The lucky ladies are a bonus bet in the game of blackjack. This bet is based off of only the first two cards that a player gets. The goal is to have a total of 20 between the two cards. If a player gets 20, he or she will win a 4 to 1 ratio at minimum. This game is rarely found in casinos today, however there are still some that offer it. Lucky ladies bets are common in online gambling settings.

When Did Lucky Ladies Start Appearing?

The game of blackjack may date back as early as 900AD. History puts players engaging in games with wood blocks in Ancient China and Egypt. The game appeared in Europe in the 13th and 14th centuries. The game was given the name of 21 in the 1800s. Later in 1931, blackjack went main stream in the United States. The ideas of side bets in blackjack including lucky ladies were not introduced until 1963.

When Can This Bet Be Placed?

In order to place a lucky ladies bonus bet, first there must be a standard blackjack bet. After this is done, a bet in a small circle of at least one dollar can be placed. If the first two cards of the hand equal 20, the player wins. Different combinations of 20 result in different amounts of winnings. If the first two cards dealt add up to anything but twenty, the money is lost.

What is the Payoff?

There are several different payoffs for a lucky ladies bet. The payoff is based off of what the first two cards actually are. Different combinations of 20 equal different winnings. If a player bets one dollar and the first two cards equal 20, the player wins four dollars. If the first two cards equal 20 and are the same suit, the player wins nine dollars. If the first two cards equal 20 and are exact matches, the gambler takes $19 in winnings. If the two cards are both the Queen of hearts, the player wins $125. Finally if the two cards are Queen of hearts and the dealer gets a blackjack, the final winnings total $1000. An increase in the original lucky ladies bet will of course increase the payout.

What Are the Odds for Winning?

The house usually has a pretty considerable edge when it comes to lucky ladies bets. For a house dealing with a six deck shoe, the average house edge is around 24 percent. This means that the average player will pay about 10 times as much then a standard blackjack bet. If playing with the same six card deck, the chances of winning the basic total twenty side bet is a 0.89. The probability that a gambler will win the biggest payout of the Queen of Hearts with dealer holding a black Jack is 0.000015.

When sitting down at the blackjack table, consider all the possible options for betting. There are many side bets that are available to gamblers in this culture. Many people miss out on lucky ladies because they are unsure or unaware of the ability to play. Betting usually starts at just a dollar, and the reward can be much greater, if you win.