Why a Sports Gambling Addict Loses Most Bets

A sports gambling addiction is a serious problem. The main reasons the gamblers lose is not always just bad picks. There are a variety of reasons why the gamblers tend to lose more frequently when an addiction is brewing. The gambling addiction can cause the gambler to lose money, friends, family, and even their job. They are constantly looking for ways to even out their losses or to come out ahead, but many times, losing is inevitable.

Poor Money Management

Poor money management is a huge problem for those suffering from a sports gambling addiction. The gambler often makes impulsive bets, leading to a financial disaster. Betting half the bankroll, or throwing out a large bet on a game often times is an impulsive move that leads to a huge loss. Gamblers often double up on bets after they win, creating a huge problem when their bet does not come through. It is far easier to pick a winning team than it is to manage money, so often times the gambler starts placing disaster bets if they start winning.

Lack of Knowledge

Many sports bettors lack the proper knowledge to make decent bets. For those with a sports gambling addiction, they often know just enough to make them dangerous. Knowing football does not mean you are going to be able to make good football bets. Betting trends, handicaps, injuries, and other betting angles are the main factors in betting. The average bettor does not have as much time to invest in these stats as the professionals, making them a difficult trend to understand and actually make money with.

Too Many Bets

Many times, a compulsive gambling habit results in over betting and placing too many bets. The gambler starts betting on one game, then another, then another, until they are too widespread to come out ahead. Even if one of their bets comes through as a winner, the others that are placed absorb most of the bankroll. Those suffering from a sports gambling addiction often end up placing too many bets due to their addiction. The betting is compulsive, and even if the gambler knows the strategy is a sure loser, they still do it.

Online Gambling

Internet gambling has made it far too easy for a sports gambler to find action. With so many games being played around the world on a daily basis, the Internet has brought even more ways for the gambler to lose money. Online betting is dangerous; the betting lines create too much room for failure. With so many different places to drop money, a gambler with an addiction can lose everything in just minutes. Online gambling creates an opening for casino games as well, and with an addictive personality, the addict often drifts into that area as well.


Desperation is a huge problem with addictive gamblers. The gambler begins to feel desperation when they see losses, especially huge losses. The desperation leads to bets made based on poor decisions. Large bets are often placed in desperation to try to break even, get money back, or come out ahead. These desperate bets are almost always a guaranteed loss, but the gambler is always hopeful of hitting it big.

A sports gambling addiction is a serious issue for millions of people. The large number of sports that are televised makes it even more likely for a casual gambler to quickly get in over their head. A friendly bet on the game is fine, but when you start gambling your mortgage money there is a serious problem brewing. If you believe you have an addictive personality, stay away from any form of gambling.