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[ Extreme Crew ]
[ Hacked By WithoutName ]

You Must Pay 0.003 BTC=1K4qb4pUuEwcBMFCRAhqiXiWfVMXqGYpAN
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Email : rinAP@mail.com

All files will be deleted on

What happen with my site ?
Your site files was encryted with our special algoritmh, if you just rename file from .php.EV to .php,
you cant get your files back! Because we was encrypted all your file contents!

So what i do to recover my files ?
You can pay us 0.9 BTC to that address (see under lock pictures!), and you can get the keys to decrypt your files.
Send payment inform to that email address, and we can send your Unlock Key with mail too.
Do not delete anything files on your website, because it makes decrypting process failure.

Where i can buy BTC ?
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If you need more assistance, you can send message to us